We understand that seamless IT operations are the backbone of your business. That's why our technical support services are designed to ensure the smooth running of your IT infrastructure and software. We focus on providing improved quality, availability, and fail-safety of your systems. Our DevOps services include continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, ensuring your software is always up-to-date and performing optimally. 

Continuous integration

Build and run the software and perform subsequent automated testing when merging branches of the program code repository.

Continuous delivery

Launch product releases as frequently as required by your business. All adjustments are implemented promptly at the push of a button. This way, not only tests but also updates can be automated.

Continuous deployment

Deployment requires no human involvement in the release process. All the tested releases are immediately available to the user. Developers can focus on ‌development work without worrying about ‌deadlines. Getting feedback from customers is much faster, which helps to improve the software’s efficiency. 

Planning of infrastructure components

When a software product is launched, it's critical to identify the environment it will operate in. It's mandatory to ensure its failsafe operation while keeping the infrastructure costs at a reasonable level.

Building ‌fault-tolerant infrastructure

Creation and configuration of infrastructure and/or application components to guarantee the highest service availability in case of any emergencies.

Cloud platform deployment

Creation of a public or private IaaS platform to manage the company's computing resources, or to provide such services to third-party clients.


As a result of the engagement between development and IT operations, full control can be gained over application performance. If monitoring criteria are defined and the monitoring system is configured, the collected statistics can be used for both software performance monitoring and subsequent improvements in the development of new versions.

  • Improved quality, availability, and fail-safety of infrastructure and software
  • Ensuring the required level of system performance
  • Development of infrastructure scaling strategy
  • Preventive measures to avoid system failures
  • Access to ‌open-source code so we can support a fork of code on our own.
  • Trusted technical support team with long-term commitment and big international customers
  • Flexible cooperation terms with fair pricing
  • Transparent, responsible, and always accessible team

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