Solution Benefits

Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) developments enable the automated assessments of the internal workforce, including:

  • Employee management;
  • Monitoring the skills gaps in the workforce and the level of each employee;
  • Categorizing employees based on their level for various internal projects;
  • Tracking employee growth and development (attending training, courses, etc.);
  • Analysis of labor market information and future skills in real-time;
  • Candidate market analysis;
  • Ability to hire people;
  • Career development for employees; 
  • Ability to mobilize and transition talent by implementing the workforce plan, including career and retraining paths.


  • .NET core
  • Angular 10
  • MongoDB
  • Azure DevOps

Why BlitzBrain’s HRM solutions?

We bring you unparalleled benefits:

  • Automated workflows and global workforce management capabilities. 
  • Access to real-time trends and shifts in the skills of the labor market by time, geographies, and jobs. 
  • Opportunity to create a first-class skills repository by extracting, augmenting, and standardizing skill proficiency for each employee. 
  • Improve training, planning, and hiring decisions with continuous and automatic skill collection, storing, and mapping.
  • A seamless, efficient, and intelligent approach to managing your human resources.
  • 100+ highly qualified, experienced software engineers
  • Flexible cooperation terms with fair pricing
  • Transparent, responsible, and always accessible team

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