We provide a full range of software implementation services, including preparation of terms of use and user training. Our services include installation and configuration of new IT infrastructure and software, integration with existing systems, uploading master data into the implemented software, and monitoring of your system’s performance. 

  • Installation and configuration of new IT infrastructure and software
  • Integration and customization for interoperability with existing systems and platforms
  • Uploading master data into the implemented software
  • Monitoring of the system’s performance and software use
  • Demonstration and training of your specialists to run and maintain the new software
  • Consulting and technical support to your specialists during the pilot operation phase.
  • Turn-key installation and configuration services
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer to your specialists 
  • User-friendly software that your business users will love
  • Deep understanding of open-source software, ensuring their effective use
  • Reduction of your time spent exploring new software capabilities
  • Seamless integration into your existing environment
  • Flexible cooperation terms with fair pricing
  • Transparent, responsible, and always accessible team

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