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Our client is a global IT firm that specializes in software development for small and medium-sized businesses.

To streamline the work processes of their marketing and sales departments, they utilize an internal CRM system called Odoo. However, when using version 8, the team spent a significant amount of time manually processing incoming messages. Managers communicated via various messengers, so transferring all correspondence to the CRM system was a laborious task. Additionally, there was no way to monitor activities, such as tracking which messages were sent, how frequently, and to whom.

To reduce labor costs and improve transparency in customer communication, our client sought to automate as much as possible.

However, updating Odoo is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, there were no specialists on staff who could implement the necessary updates to the internal system.


Our objective was to modernize Odoo and develop supplementary features that would benefit the client.

The transition to the latest version commenced with an evaluation of the current system, identification of modules and functions requiring updates and enhancements. The next step was to back up the database and install Odoo 13 on the server. After the installation of the new version, we transferred the data from the previous database to the new one.

Furthermore, our specialists began modules update, adding fields, and tweaking the user interface. To enhance transparency and control over communication with customers, we suggested integrating Gmail with Odoo. That integration enabled all business correspondence to be carried out directly from CRM, with managers having the ability to oversee the process and make adjustments if required. Additionally, we have incorporated a feature to track expired activities.

Another new addition to the existing system was customer scoring, which identifies promising leads and allocates employee resources more efficiently. That implementation allowed our client to concentrate on marketing campaigns, improve their effectiveness and increase sales.

After updating the database and modules, our team collaborated with a testing specialist to verify the system's functionality. Upon successful completion of this stage, we provided comprehensive information support to the client's team, providing training on how to use the new functions and capabilities to the client’s staff members.


Odoo 13

The final result

We have updated the system, which now allows our client to work with the latest Odoo version available at the time of the project.

  • The client has access to new features and capabilities that are already helping them improve their business and increase efficiency.
  • The new version of Odoo provides better system security and stability.
  • As a result of these updates, our client's specialists are spending less time on system maintenance and their work has become more transparent for top management.
  • Additionally, communication with customers via email can now take place directly in the CRM.
  • Customer scoring is another added feature that allows our clients to allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in increased sales and reduced marketing costs.

Project implementation period: up to 4 months.

In order to thrive in a swiftly evolving market, businesses must prioritize their core processes and entrust mundane employee responsibilities to modern automated solutions. It's crucial for companies to maintain the latest versions of their ERP/CRM systems and upgrade it as, as it’s a vital aspect of business growth and enables clients to reap the full benefits of these tools.

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