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BlitzBrain is a European software development company specializing in developing and implementing open-source IT solutions. We specialize in BI analytics, manufacturing process management (MOM), corporate data warehouses, and mobile development. We have in-depth expertise in open-source data warehousing, Big Data management and massively parallel processing (MPP), enabling our enterprise clients to transform their large volumes of data into decision-making assets.

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Experienced software engineers with industry-specific knowledge

Highly qualified professionals

We have a team of highly qualified experts, including software developers, project managers, and consultants, with decades of experience in delivering high-quality software projects. 

Full development lifecycle management

We offer our clients the full cycle of software product development - from consultancy and requirement analysis to development, testing, and support of the production systems.

Industry-specific expertise

We have industry-specific knowledge in finance, telecom, retail, automotive, HR, and other service sectors backed by big customer references.

Why BlitzBrain?

  • Deep knowledge of diverse development languages, frameworks, and tools 
  • In-depth expertise in open-source Big Data management, BI & analytics, custom software and mobile development
  • Proven experience in transforming ideas into productive business solutions 
  • End-to-end IT services from concept planning to post-implementation support
  • Big international references in finance, automotive & manufacturing from North America to Europe
  • Competitive, flexible, and fair pricing
  • Transparent, responsible, and always accessible teams

The Management team

Peter Szasz
Data Solution Consultant
Mark Kovacs
Business Consultant
Vlad Rybaltovsky

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