Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is instrumental in managing diverse business functions such as inventory and order management, supply chain, procurement, and human resources.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are deployed to oversee and monitor activities on the shop floor.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and analytics tools fulfill various functions across manufacturing and enterprise environments.

While each of these applications contributes to enhancing efficiency within individual departments, the question arises: How does the heightened productivity extend across the entire enterprise, and is there a more effective approach?

Addressing this challenge is the purpose behind Siemens Opcenter. Opcenter isn't a specific product but represents a paradigm shift in approaching manufacturing software that can be distilled into one word: integration.

With Opcenter and its associated products, it becomes possible to integrate functions spanning ERP, PLM, MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), and more. This comprehensive integration approach facilitates closed-loop manufacturing, allowing for dynamic adjustments to planning, execution, quality measurement, and other services. The integrated environment allows real-time modifications, fostering flexibility across all departments, resulting in widespread increases in enterprise productivity.

  • BlitzBrain boasts a team of professionals specializing in the customization and extension of the MES subset of products from the Siemens MOM portfolio. 
  • Actively participating in automotive industry implementations, we maintain a close partnership with Siemens’ architects. 
  • As your dedicated technology partner, BlitzBrain is at the forefront of implementing the Siemens MOM product line, ensuring seamless integration, and contributing to the success of your manufacturing operations.

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