Launch of a web portal for the logistics company to enter the B2C market
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This case is about how we helped our client to expand their business by providing their services directly to consumers.

Our client is a logistics company that has its own warehouses and provides a range of storage and cargo handling services for major retailers.

Previously, the client operated exclusively in the B2B market. To scale their business and reach a new audience segment, the company decided to introduce a new service to the B2C market.

People living in apartments often need a place to store seasonal goods. Tyres, fishing rods, bicycles and others. Luckiest have friends with houses and garages, others have to survive with it all together.

Our client decided to create a web portal to provide a full range of storage services for the individuals. The user orders a service, the company's specialists arrive at the designated place, pack the goods, pick them up and take them to the warehouse for further storage.

At start requirements were very basic and high level. The client was already working with the Odoo system at the time the project started and wanted to integrate the new portal into existing back office systems. The portal must be connected to the online payment systems. The client wished to support the Portal by their own engineers afterwards.


The client provided us with their overall vision for the solution and its features, which our business analysts studied carefully and further elaborated. Our specialists detailed the features that included the portal, integrations with payment, and back office.

Then our development team implemented the Portal. Its functionality let the end users to create a personal account, sign the contract and pay for the service.

At the time the project started the client was already working with the Odoo platform, which we had successfully implemented before to automate the company's internal business processes. The client preferred to have a CRM system on the same platform, so we implemented integration of the Portal with it.

Apart from the code we also created a detailed supporting documentation. Using it and after a short training client’s DevOps engineers started maintaining the new system.


UI/UX design
Odoo 13
Rest API

The final result

  • We helped the client to elaborate the requirements to the system
  • We developed and launched the portal that which opens the gate to new B2C market for the client. They can manage customer relations in the consolidated CRM, see the history of all requests and payment statuses, process requests for storage, and returns of the goods.
  • We trained client’s support team so they can maintain their solutions on their own.

Benefits received by the client:

  • Diversification of the company's business:

-launch of the new service;

-entry into the new market segment;

-attraction of new clients.

  • An additional source of income.

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