Online therapy: an effective way to communicate with a psychologist anytime and anywhere
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Our client aimed to develop a service that offered qualified psychological assistance in the Federal Republic of Germany. The project aimed to offer confidential online access to professional psychological assistance.

An MVP version of the application has been developed by another team and launched in production. Later on it turned out that the current team is unable to support it. BlitzBrain was approached by the client with a very challenging request: without contact with the previous team, get understanding of the code, provide ongoing support for the web application, complete the development of the mobile application, and then continue to work on improvements to the entire suite.

The project's complexity was the complete absence of technical and business documentation, as well as the inability to transfer knowledge from the previous team. Despite this, we decided to take on the responsibility of completing this project. Our specialists had to dive into the tasks quickly since the marketing campaign had already been launched, and users were facing problems while using the service.


At start BlitzBrain deployed an engagement team of highly skilled professionals to get up to speed. The team also got business analyst, designer and QA engineers to fill the gaps with the requirements and documentation and ensure quality of further deliverables.

Allocated solution architect examined the platform, determined the bottlenecks of the existing architecture and defined the steps which should be taken in order to ensure stable operation and further improvements.

Business analyst worked closely with the client to understand the application logic and prioritize further development tasks.

Stabilization phase took two weeks, after that the platform kept working as expected. The team focused on the enhancements and improvements. Apart from development we studied various hypotheses together with the customer to enhance attractiveness of the application to users.

With the increasing demand for mental health services, having confidential access to professional psychological assistance has become more important than ever. This project provides a safe and secure platform for individuals to anonymously seek help and support from qualified professionals.

How does psychological counseling via chat work?

The platform works in a subscription format. But there is also a free version with a limit on the number of characters in the chat.

Before commencing therapy with clients, therapists undergo a thorough screening to ensure they meet all the necessary qualifications. Each psychologist has specialized education and necessary certification.

As for the patient, the process is much more straightforward - simply register and complete a profile, outlining the desired result for psychotherapy.

Each client is assigned to a psychologist who provides all necessary support through a private chat for text consultations.

Additionally, our specialists have added the function of video calls with a psychologist. Access to the account is provided 24/7, so users can write to the psychologist anytime and anywhere.

The possibility of interaction with corporate clients was also implemented: subscriptions can be purchased not only as B2C but also as B2B. The organization's subscription to the online therapy platform serves as a means of providing support to the people on the team. Complete anonymity is maintained, and employers will not know which employees use the service. Overall, this project showcases the company's dedication to supporting its employees and utilizing technology to enhance their well-being.

To enable users to make secure and fast payments, the following systems are integrated: PayPal, Stripe and JiraPay.


PHP and Laravel framework

The final result

This web application was set up as a point of contact for people of all ages who are experiencing a mental health crisis or need mental health assistance.

Despite the initial obstacles, we were able to successfully continue the development of the project and bring it to a new level of growth and success.

Benefits received by the Customer:

  • The client increased income due to the possibility of a paid subscription for both individuals and companies.
  • Increased user loyalty due to instant access to consultations after registration, the opportunity to take care of their mental health without leaving home.
  • Extended capabilities of the application thanks to the video call function, which increased the target audience of the product and profit for the client.

Project implementation period: over a year.

The development of a web application for providing psychological assistance online is an important and promising project that already helps many people get qualified help at any convenient time. The client plans to scale the project by expanding its functionality and geography of use.

Overall, we are proud to have contributed to such a significant project that has the potential to positively impact the lives of many individuals in need of mental health support.

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