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Our client specializes in the development of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry. They decided to make a new extension to their application for modeling of patterns used to produce shapes made of sheet metal. It should be a component to visually create the pattern and then send geometry into the existing engine which generates the CNC program.

The main requirement was a user-friendly interface that would allow even an untrained specialist to get the desired result.

The software should follow the customer's internal coding standards and data formats in order to be integrated into existing large application.

The customer did not have exact functional requirements. They pointed us to the existing similar application asking to create “something like this”.


At start due to absence of functional requirements we deployed a business analyst on the project who created initial wireframes which in turn were reviewed by our architects and approved by the customer.

After that the requirements were estimated and we provided a budget and timeline for the implementation. Although it was not a fixed price project, all work was estimated first and the budget for the development iteration went through the approval procedure. After approval, the development team implemented the functionality. The project was split into small iterations and included an intermediate MVP.

The final stage was customer acceptance testing and integration of the software into the existing system which was done together with the customer’s engineers.

All intellectual property rights have been passed to the client who has the right also to distribute the software, which was one of the ways of project monetization. The software is paid for by end-users for the actual period of use. Thereby our client is able to benefit from these sales, and we are happy to have helped them in this process.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

The final result

  • The client has received an application component which allows users to choose the desired shape from a set of templates, specify parameters and design the required sheet metal pattern.
  • Overall, the project was completed on time and in full compliance with the client's requirements. The use of modern technologies and development methods has enabled the creation of a high-quality application that meets the needs of professionals who use it.
  • The development of this software has allowed our client to increase revenue by generating additional profits from users.

At the moment we periodically receive requests to implement enhancements to the software.

Project implementation period: initial phase (MVP) — 3 months, enhancements — 7 months.

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