In the era of hyper-personalization, custom AI datasets, and seamless experiences, data is the backbone of business processes, fueling the need for rapid change and adaptability. However, the complexity of distributed systems and the adoption of services from various providers often result in data inconsistencies. This creates challenges in understanding ongoing processes and exposes enterprises to reputational risks.

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You get answers to the following questions

What are the benefits of integrating data sources?

Learn the best way to integrate various information sources for effective data analysis. Discover the role of data warehouse solutions in collecting different business data.

What challenges can arise when collecting data from different systems?

Understand why data gathered in the enterprise data warehouse may not be immediately ready for analysis, and learn how to manage data consolidation and updates.

Why does data quality management have paramount importance?

Understand how poor-quality data can lead to poor analytics and - ultimately - bad decisions. Discover how to implement data quality management cost-effectively using specific software and processes.

What is master data management and why is it necessary?

Understand the benefits of maintaining a “Golden Record” in your data management solution. Learn how it can improve the accuracy of reports and analytics, leading to better management decisions.

What are the best Data Management Solutions out there?

Get an overview of enterprise data management technologies available in the market today. Learn about open-source technologies, proprietary software, and complex solutions using both components.

  • Chief Information/Technology Officers (CIOs/CTOs)
  • Chief Data Officers (CDOs)
  • CEOs
  • Business line managers
  • Information/data management experts at banks, telecoms, and retail companies
Vlad Rybaltovsky
Business Consultant
Mark Kovacs
Data Solution Consultant